Full Service Computer Support

With over 20 years experience in diverse environments around the world,
we’ve serviced literally hundreds of computer systems
and provided unbeatable service and support to thousands of people. 
In addition to individual services, we provide contract service to offices
and small businesses.  Whether you need a dedicated and dependable
monthly service and training plan, or custom spreadsheets, databases,
documents or forms specifically designed to suit your needs,
we can provide the service at a price that cannot be beat.

Individual Service
Don't wait for something to break on your home PC before you give us a call.  We can configure your system to resist malicious attacks and provide the training to enable you to maintain your system.

Estimated cost

Complete System Rebuild (includes install of operating system, applications, and full data backup and transfer)


Data Backup and Transfer


OS Rebuild (Reinstall of licensed Windows and Applications)


Sypware / Adware / Virus Removal and System Tune-up


Installation Labor (for hardware / peripheral devices)


Custom Spreadsheets / Databases / Documents (custom design specific to your needs)

$25 / hr



Business Service
Instead of waiting for something to go wrong, we provide each of our clients with a "Service Plan" providing regular maintenance, support, and leadership.  We work with you to determine how many hours of service per month you'll need in order to keep your PCs and network in top shape. 


All of our business services are custom solutions tailored to suit your needs (call or email to schedule a consultation)

email to setup consultation for
Free quote

Simple Office Support PC Plans from $29 / PC
Simple Office Support Technology Management Plans from $199 / month